What is BooTweak?

BooTweak is a custom programmed…

…library of drum sounds (720 individually programmed hits spread across 6 kits, with 2 more kits for members before the year’s up).

…graphic interface for Kontakt 4 scripted to be completely controllable with a midi controller with as few as 8 endless encoders and 13 buttons. The automap style programming gives you access to well over 1000 individual parameters with never more than a few button pushes. No scrolling or drop down menus to be found, you don’t have to use your mouse or keyboard at all if you don’t feel like it.

…Kontakt uber-template for up to 8 groups per instrument. Each group in a BooTweak instrument comes with an identical array of insert fx: Saturator, Lo-Fi, 3 band eq, 3×2 filter, Stereo, Compressor, Send fx and Limiter. Each group also comes pre-configured with 6 modulators: 2 AHDSR envelopes, 2 DBD envelopes and 2 multi-mode LFOs.
These modulators have 16 pre-configured assignments, so you can instantly get down to tweaking filter, tuning, effects etc. settings.  There are also 14 external modulator assignments. A velocity value can affect up to 14 different parameters right out of the gate.  A full rack of instrument insert fx and send fx are also set up and programmed to work with the BooTweak interface and presets.  You can take your beats and samples from static to animate in no time at all, and  back to where they started with the press of a preset button.

…modular preset system, the most advanced of  it’s kind.  Any of the 32 preset buttons can recall just a handful or over a 1000 parameters with a single press, tempo-synced to your host clock if you want.

…creative environment without peer in the world of samplers.  Beyond the drum samples that come with BooTweak you can use the 8 groups to tweak loops chopped right inside Kontakt, long non-rhythmic samples, stems from tracks you’re working on — anything at all.

BooTweak can be as little or as much as you want it to be, it’s up to you.

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BooTweak, the Koolest Thing for Kontakt!

Here’s the last video I’m doing until BooTweak is released. I still have a lot of samples to create.
Vodpod videos no longer available.

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BooTweak-Noizedrums 2 video demo

test upload
Vodpod videos no longer available.

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“The Machine” 233 BooTweak Kits from 214 Vintage Drum Machines & Keyboards.

All kits are now finished. They are all drum kits with the exception of 6 or 7 kits. The 5 Oberheim Matrix 1000 kits have single synth samples mapped across the keyboard for each of the 8 BooTweak groups, so you can solo the groups you want to layer in a patch. All of the tonal sounds have been tuned together for instant blending pleasure. Details about and download links for the samples can be found here: The Machine samples.

It was quite a project preparing these kits. First of all, the sounds had to be organized into 1 of 8 BooTweak groups. Many of the samples were not descriptively labeled, requiring individual auditions and best guesses for appropriate categories at times. Some of the classic drum synths like the Alesis SR-16 contained so many samples that multiple kits were required to include all of the samples. In almost all cases where there are multiple BooTweak kits for a drum synth the kick and snare groups will be unique to each kit. After that the percentages go down for the uniqueness of percussion and tom groups. Claps/rimshots, cymbals and open and closed hats are typically the least represented with variety. So in some instances the less represented groups are simply duplicated to other numbered kits to fill out the kit completely.

The original sample files sometimes have 2 different folders for mono and stereo files. When I found little to no sound difference between the mono and stereo files I simply omitted the stereo files. As these samples were originally culled from many different sources there is no rhyme or reason in the organization as a whole, so sometimes there were stereo hits that sounded different from some mono hits, and these were made into kits. A large number of the stereo samples had errant loop information which had to be turned off individually in Kontakt, as well as varying amounts of silence at the beginning of the sample, requiring me to set an accurate start point as well. It took a lot of work, but these samples are now all ship-shape in Kontakt format.

To offer the maximum variety in each kit, I sometimes combined small individual kits together, as well as the aforementioned mono and stereo samples, space permitting.

Many of the older kits are small and sound quite similar, even across different manufacturers. They tend to sound like the built-in drum octave on large console keyboards/organs from the early 80s (at least from my memory of childhood). This particular sound is VERY well represented in these samples, hence the “Vintage” title, I guess.

Many will be searching for the more electronic flavored hits in a kit, so just know that when loading a kit the initial Ghost Octave (C of each octave for each group) hits may not be reflective of some samples you’ll like deeper in the group’s octave. Drum synths from the 80 to the aughts usually have a variety of acoustic, big sounding/gated-reverby 80’s hits, as well as the classic Roland 808 and 909 hits most prevalent in electronic music.

BooTweak is the uber-Kontakt script template I created last year, and is included with every kit. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s easy to learn and makes working with samples, especially drums, a quick and creative job in Kontakt. As with any Kontakt script, you can simply bypass it if you wish and just use the normal Kontakt interface. Just know that using the BooTweak interface makes working with groups a lot faster and easier to do!

Most of TheMachine BooTweak drum groups are mapped on the keyboard in the same order. Occasionally I moved the kick, snare or both groups to one of the last 2 groups, as they both have an extra octave available to hold samples. If I could get away with only needing one kit for an entire drum synth’s samples by doing so than I would. In any event, the Ghost Octave presets are set up in the same “kick/closed hat/snare/open hat etc.” order, so you can easily delete and load new kits for auditioning with the same drum pattern playing. Remember, there is no faster way to audition up to 120 sounds in a drum kit than using BooTweak.

All downloads are still free, but please consider making a small donation for the many hundreds of hours I’ve now put into programming BooTweak and preparing kits that work with 3rd party samples. If you are reading this on another site, visit http://www.bootweak.com for more details and download/installation instructions. As the samples and Kontakt instrument files will be loaded separately on your system, I’d recommend in Kontakt (4.1+) going to “Files/Batch Resave” and selecting the folder with the BooTweak kits. Obviously less painful to locate and resave the files just once rather than every time you load a new kit!

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BooTweak Kits for “The Machine” free drum samples from 214 Vintage Drum Machines

Sabotage, a moderator at Warbeats.com, has posted a compilation of public domain samples, 12,158 for 214 Vintage Drum Machines. Over time I’d like to make BooTweak kits for all 214 drum machines. I’ve finished up the first 10, which I’ve posted to the SkyDrive here: <a href="http://cid-2697afd8587c07e8.office.live.com/embedicon.aspx/BooTweak%20Full/3rd%20party%20sample%20kits/The%20Machine

Here’s a track featuring 2 of the first 10 kits, plus a bunch of reaktor synths.

12 more BooTweak kits added, covering the Alesis HR-16, SR-16 & DM5, plus one unique kit from an ARP Axxe.

Here’s a track featuring 2 HR-16 kits & 1 SR-16 perc only kit.

45 kits now available on the SkyDrive, alphabetically up to a kit of Deep Sky kick drums, so all of the Boss Dr. and Casio kits are now ready to rock.

Here’s a track for a remix competition that features some Dr. Boss 202 drums alongside some of the remix samples, with all the drums and single shot samples being mashed through BooTweak for all of the tuning and speed modulation you hear in the track.

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BooTweak Kit for AliveMachine.com’s free sample packs added

I took AliveMachine.com’s 3 free sample packs, Bio/Knife/Tunnel and put them into one BooTweak kit, uploaded with a custom Kontakt 4 wallpaper here:

Sounds for this instrument are provided by alivemachine.com. Alive Machine is an experimental sound design and electronic music project, check out the site for more info

Download the AliveMachine.com samples.

Here’s a track I made featuring percussion from the new kit.

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BooTweak Kits for the free “Animato” sample pack from Tonescape.de available online.

Click the free download button up top and follow the directions to find all of the BooTweak files. Go to ToneScape.de to download the free sample pack, which is an incredibly well-produced and varied sample pack.

Here’s a track I made using only the BooTweak kits I made for the sample pack (with some of the samples run through some Reaktor stuff first). The bass was done with the Reaktor “Junatik” ensemble.

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BooTweak now Donationware

All of the BooTweak samples, kits and 3rd party sample kit files are now free for download, with a request to send a little money my way via Paypal. I put in hundreds of hours on this amazing little program and samples, time which I’ll never recoup financially, but you can do something to right the balance in a small way. I’ve always been a terrible businessman, and put in almost no effort at promoting and selling BooTweak, so I’d rather just give it away now, hoping for a little kindness/cash.

Send your donations via Paypal to ellenbcompton@yahoo.com

All of the files are available to download on my SkyDrive via the “Free Download” link on the top nav. bar. Let me know if you have any kits you’ve made that reference 3rd party samples, I’d love to get more of those online.

When you click on the download link, back up one folder on the SkyDrive and you will find all of the files in the “BooTweak Full” folder.

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27 Kits and 94 Kontakt Groups added for NoDoughMusic.com’s Deconstructed 2 Sample Library.

I went the whole nine yards converting NoDoughMusic.com’s great sample library, Deconstructed 2, into BooTweak Kits.  At 20 pounds, it’s a great value, and now a huge value if you own BooTweak as registered members get all of these BooTweak kits for free.  For the drum kits I started off by organizing the samples into 94 one octave groups.  I then built 9 full kits that each use 10 octaves of samples.  I made a fabulous BooTweak Pyramid Preset setup for the kits, giving you one button access to 8 new ghost octave kits per kit (equaling 72 total kits).  I programmed 8 new sound variations you can quickly switch between with the presets, as well as 4 group fx presets and 8 instrument fx presets.

For the bass (8 kits) and synth kits (10) I used a new BooTweak setup wherein 12 samples are mapped to a group in one octave.  The same octave of sounds is then copied and pasted to all 8 groups.  I programmed a different sound variation for each group in the first sub-preset location (leaving 56 more locations for your own tweaks), so each sample has an instant variety of sounds.  You now have huge control over each note in your bass and synth parts, and it’s very easy to tweak and store presets with the different groups and then sequence the variations in your host without resorting to a tangled web of automation in your host (though you can go that route with BooTweak as well, with 500 host automation assignments already set up in each kit).

In the download file there is also an Excel spreadsheet with all of the group/kit/preset setup information, as well as some image files of the same material.

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The Correct file path for the BooTweak Graphics folder on a Mac.

Thanks to Mac users for sorting this out for me.

On a Mac,  copy the “BooTweak Graphics” folder into your  “user/Documents/Native Instruments/Kontakt4/pictures” folder.

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Kontakt Tip #2

This one is more a reminder than a tip, as anyone pulling samples into Kontakt has had this happen to them on numerous, repeated occasions, and yet it still baffles their brain for at least a few moments (okay, maybe I am just talking about me here, lol).

The scenario:  you’re cheerfully setting up some samples in a Kontakt instrument when suddenly your instrument starts sounding weird — too loud and with the wrong sound also playing on every key.  If you’re under the hood in Kontakt (not in a performance view), you can’t even see the culprit.  The problem?  You’ve somehow double-clicked a sample in the Files pane and it’s created a new instrument underneath any current instruments.   The first time this happens to you you might go half mad trying to figure out what the hell is going on.  By the 3rd, 4th and 5th times, your state of confusion will hopefully last less than a minute, lol, while by the 10th+ you pretty much know what is going within seconds.

Hopefully this little tip will let you skip whichever step you’re at and take you right to being an experienced user who automatically scrolls down and deletes the new instrument she’s inadvertently created.

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BooTweak Kits for DrivenMachineDrums v.1

I’ve made 6 kits referencing drum samples from the DrivenMachineDrums v.1 library.  There are no duplicate samples in any of the kits.  Most of the samples are ended up in a kit, with the exception of the kick drums, as there are many more of those samples.  The kick folders that didn’t get used in the BooTweak kits are the Hard, High, Soft, Sharp and Odd fx folders, so browse through those if looking for a kick you’re not hearing in the BooTweak kits.

BooTweak kits referencing 3rd party samples are available for members only, so please purchase BooTweak and start whipping your samples into creative shape!



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