Getting Started Tips

#1 When you open a project with a BooTweak instrument, the Pyramid Preset will always default back to 1, but the Kontakt parameters will be in their last state. To avoid confusion, select Preset #1 to sync up the parameters with the presets.

#2 If you are using a midi controller for navigation and parameter changes in BooTweak, after loading a new session press a couple of navigation and regular buttons on your controller to get the controller synced with the right midi information.

#3 If you’ve made a ghost octaves combination you like, or set up some group parameters in a way you’d like to keep, save the sub-presets! It stinks to have dialed in something cool and then recall a sub-preset or Pyramid Preset and lose what you’ve set up, trust me!

#4 The miscellaneous settings for BooTweak are found on the Main&Env/Misc page. If you’re using a midi controller turn R8 option OhSnap! on and experiment with the different knob snap settings and see how it affects knob twiddling for the supported parameters. Familiarize yourself with the mouse behavior settings and dial in your perfect preference. When you start recalling sub-presets or Pyramid Presets with clock sync, experiment with the SyncOffset setting to get the punchiest preset recall possible. And don’t forget to set the Sync Rate to your preferred setting when option R2 is turned on.

Feel free to ask me any questions here. I will also be setting up a forum for BooTweak at KVR.


About bootweak

A lot of blood, sweat, and my family's tears went into creating BooTweak. Please consider making a donation if you enjoy using BooTweak.
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