My wish (and suggestion) for a file naming standard for drum sample libraries.

If the title of this post didn’t break the internet for you, read on, lol. If you’ve spent time with sample libraries, you may have noticed that when it comes to file naming conventions it’s pretty much a free for all, varying from library to library. A company will even sometimes use different formats in different libraries or even in one library itself. For manually browsing single hit samples it doesn’t really matter how the files are named, I guess.

The possible problem arises when you want to use the sample up/down selectors inside a program like Kontakt, a nifty feature that let’s you load in new samples while your track is playing. If you have an instrument loaded featuring many single hits that are next to each other in a sample folder, selecting new samples with the sample arrows doesn’t let you use/hear any samples that aren’t already in the loaded kit. I think the predominant school of thought (assuming there is thought) is to number samples at the end of the file name so that the files are clustered no matter what folder they might be put into.

What I do for file naming is something I’m dubbing the “BooTweak Interleave” format, lol (may not technically be a true “interleave” — close enough). It goes like this: type of sample (kick), file number (01), Manufacturer/Company (BooTweak), and finally Instrument/Kit name (Defend Kit). So the full sample name is “Kick_01_BooTweak_Defend Kit.” I’ve stored all of the BooTweak samples in category folders, so all 72 kicks are in one folder. This ends up interleaving the files from the 6 different kits, so when I use the arrows inside Kontakt to select different kick drums I will be hearing kicks from the other kits instead of the ones already loaded in the current kit. If I’m on the first kick sample in the kit, the “Kick_01…” sample, pressing the right arrow will take me through the other “Kick_01…” samples for the other 5 kits before arriving at “Kick_02…” of the current kick. So for each of the 12 kicks in a kit, selecting samples with the arrows will take you to different kicks in your main sample folder.

It’s just a little thing, I guess, but I tend to think about the little things, lol. so, the “BooTweak Interleave” format, who’s with me? 🙂

While we’re on the subject of file naming, if you’re just going to dump your numbered samples in a folder without much though, for the love of Zeus can everyone please put a zero in front of their 1-9 samples so they’re not the only samples interleaved in the folder? Thanks!


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