BooTweak Kits for DrivenMachineDrums v.1

I’ve made 6 kits referencing drum samples from the DrivenMachineDrums v.1 library.  There are no duplicate samples in any of the kits.  Most of the samples are ended up in a kit, with the exception of the kick drums, as there are many more of those samples.  The kick folders that didn’t get used in the BooTweak kits are the Hard, High, Soft, Sharp and Odd fx folders, so browse through those if looking for a kick you’re not hearing in the BooTweak kits.

BooTweak kits referencing 3rd party samples are available for members only, so please purchase BooTweak and start whipping your samples into creative shape!




About bootweak

A lot of blood, sweat, and my family's tears went into creating BooTweak. Please consider making a donation if you enjoy using BooTweak.
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