Kontakt Tip #2

This one is more a reminder than a tip, as anyone pulling samples into Kontakt has had this happen to them on numerous, repeated occasions, and yet it still baffles their brain for at least a few moments (okay, maybe I am just talking about me here, lol).

The scenario:  you’re cheerfully setting up some samples in a Kontakt instrument when suddenly your instrument starts sounding weird — too loud and with the wrong sound also playing on every key.  If you’re under the hood in Kontakt (not in a performance view), you can’t even see the culprit.  The problem?  You’ve somehow double-clicked a sample in the Files pane and it’s created a new instrument underneath any current instruments.   The first time this happens to you you might go half mad trying to figure out what the hell is going on.  By the 3rd, 4th and 5th times, your state of confusion will hopefully last less than a minute, lol, while by the 10th+ you pretty much know what is going within seconds.

Hopefully this little tip will let you skip whichever step you’re at and take you right to being an experienced user who automatically scrolls down and deletes the new instrument she’s inadvertently created.


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