27 Kits and 94 Kontakt Groups added for NoDoughMusic.com’s Deconstructed 2 Sample Library.

I went the whole nine yards converting NoDoughMusic.com’s great sample library, Deconstructed 2, into BooTweak Kits.  At 20 pounds, it’s a great value, and now a huge value if you own BooTweak as registered members get all of these BooTweak kits for free.  For the drum kits I started off by organizing the samples into 94 one octave groups.  I then built 9 full kits that each use 10 octaves of samples.  I made a fabulous BooTweak Pyramid Preset setup for the kits, giving you one button access to 8 new ghost octave kits per kit (equaling 72 total kits).  I programmed 8 new sound variations you can quickly switch between with the presets, as well as 4 group fx presets and 8 instrument fx presets.

For the bass (8 kits) and synth kits (10) I used a new BooTweak setup wherein 12 samples are mapped to a group in one octave.  The same octave of sounds is then copied and pasted to all 8 groups.  I programmed a different sound variation for each group in the first sub-preset location (leaving 56 more locations for your own tweaks), so each sample has an instant variety of sounds.  You now have huge control over each note in your bass and synth parts, and it’s very easy to tweak and store presets with the different groups and then sequence the variations in your host without resorting to a tangled web of automation in your host (though you can go that route with BooTweak as well, with 500 host automation assignments already set up in each kit).

In the download file there is also an Excel spreadsheet with all of the group/kit/preset setup information, as well as some image files of the same material.


About bootweak

A lot of blood, sweat, and my family's tears went into creating BooTweak. Please consider making a donation if you enjoy using BooTweak.
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