BooTweak now Donationware

All of the BooTweak samples, kits and 3rd party sample kit files are now free for download, with a request to send a little money my way via Paypal. I put in hundreds of hours on this amazing little program and samples, time which I’ll never recoup financially, but you can do something to right the balance in a small way. I’ve always been a terrible businessman, and put in almost no effort at promoting and selling BooTweak, so I’d rather just give it away now, hoping for a little kindness/cash.

Send your donations via Paypal to

All of the files are available to download on my SkyDrive via the “Free Download” link on the top nav. bar. Let me know if you have any kits you’ve made that reference 3rd party samples, I’d love to get more of those online.

When you click on the download link, back up one folder on the SkyDrive and you will find all of the files in the “BooTweak Full” folder.


About bootweak

A lot of blood, sweat, and my family's tears went into creating BooTweak. Please consider making a donation if you enjoy using BooTweak.
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2 Responses to BooTweak now Donationware

  1. mfxs says:

    Looks good and feeling compelled to donate 😛

    Compatible with Kontakt 4.22 or latest update?

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