BooTweak Files for 3rd Party Samples

My hope is that BooTweak grows into a strong community of users who contribute BooTweak instruments that reference 3rd party sample libraries or even samples that they create themselves. A BooTweak instrument can be customised in many different ways. Appearance-wise, the wallpaper can be easily changed in Adobe Fireworks, as well as the instrument icon. You can also completely redesign all of the graphic elements. The .png files are all in the graphics folder you install. The knobs were made with the donateware knobman program. The wallpaper is stored in the samples folder.

Beyond setting up samples in the 8 groups, you can also save sub-presets and ghost presets, and then create larger Pyramid Presets with these sub-presets. Throw a Drum Computer script in a script tab and you’ve got a complete groovebox in Kontakt with features and tweakability you can’t find in any other software or DAW. New instruments can be designed out of the original BooTweak instruments just by designing a new set of presets. I’d love for people to share their designs and creations, I’ll put them up in the Member’s Folder for members to download.

I’m even interested in releasing for sale original BooTweak instruments created by 3rd party designers. Contact me if you’re working on something.

To kick things off I’ve made a couple of instruments utilizing free sample packs from I’m a big fan of their site, they have great releases, great podcasts, great free sample packs, and great and affordable paid sample libraries. Everything they do is ace. In the near future I’ll be working with them to make BooTweak instruments for all of their sample libraries. Sign up at their site and download their free sample packs that work with the BooTweak files I’ve created here, and here.

Here are a couple of screen shots of the BooTweak NoDough instruments.


2 Responses to BooTweak Files for 3rd Party Samples

  1. bootweak says:

    Added 9 drum kits, 8 bass kits, and 10 synth kits for’s Deconstructed 2 sample library. Details here.

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