BooTweak Script Update 9/16/10

Where perfection is improved upon…

The Platinum Patented Invisible Pyramid Preset System — now with Visibility!  Saving/loading/restoring defaults — now the buttons tell you what you’ve done and where it came from or is going to.  Then dial in your bricks, blocks and boulders as mummies in the 4 tombs for each group for each preset.  The most powerful modular preset system ever invented just became very user friendly.

Group option #4 — Originally it was only knob twiddling that worked with this option.  Now turning modulators and group fx off and on, as well as saving, loading and setting to default preset bricks, blocks or boulders — all changes only effect the currently visible group, regardless of how many groups are selected for editing.

Convolution.  There are now impulse responses stored with the BooTweak files, so you can use a knob on the convolution  page to select impulse responses, which means you can use presets to change impulse responses and key parameters simultaneously (though not instantaneously — there is a little lag while Kontakt loads the new IR wave), like predelay size.  Control/clicking preset option #5 unlocks and locks the ability to change any parameters related to the convolution reverb, be it from preset loading/saving, or from pyramid preset recall.  By locking the convolution settings, you can load a factory IR at any time and not worry about presets trying to change the impulse response, losing the factory preset you’ve loaded.

The Skreamer and Cabinet fx do not have wet/dry controls native to Kontakt, so I scripted in the ability to turn them off and on with a knob, so presets can now turn these 2 effects off and on.  This is a different behaviour then the other insert fx which can all be set to either dry or a flat response with the controls, so you can leave them on all of the time and then just modify the controls to have them affect or not affect the signal.   Like I said, that wasn’t possible with the Skreamer and Cabinet, so I programmed in the work around, which was a bit of a pain in the butt, as everything had to be coded manually to run along side the iterative loops that usually run alone for each page (script code alert!).


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