BooTweak Script Update 9/25/10

The Kontakt default way to express that a group was being routed through the main instrument channel was to show the message “(null)” in the BooTweak gui.  Well, that’s a little confusing, so I scripted in some manual changes so that it now reads “Main Out” when that’s your selection.  Any group running through the Main Out will be processed by all of the instrument insert fx.  For the Stereo Out .nki BooTweak files, all groups are routed through the Main Out, and therefore the instrument insert fx.

The first update that provided visibility to the Platinum Patented Invisible Pyramid Preset System — well, I couldn’t quite get that completely working how I wanted it to, and it was down to the “wait” statement in the coding.  There were some issues when another brick, block, boulder or ghost preset was loaded/saved etc. before the prior graphic had reverted.  Sometimes it got stuck.  Wait statements — I avoid them when possible in scripting, so the way I avoided it is this:  Now when you do a preset action the button graphic changes that indicate what you did will stay visible until another button of any type on the gui is pressed.  Now you can load or save in rapid succession and the graphics never have a hiccup.

***As far as I can tell, everything seems to be in order now with the script.  There will be no more major changes for release version 1 of BooTweak.  Any changes will just be if I see the odd graphic not being utilized properly.

Put the updated BooTweak.nkp script file in your User/(name)/MyDocuments/NativeInstruments/Kontakt4/presets/scripts folder.  For any BooTweak instrument that you’ve loaded and want to apply the updated script to, open the BooTweak script tab, click on the presets drop down menu (it’s partially hidden behind some graphics in the upper left corner of the script tab), select User, and then BooTweak, and the new script will be loaded and applied in a matter of seconds.  Resave the instrument and you’re set.


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