Free Download

When you click on the download link, back up one folder on the SkyDrive and you will find all of the files in the “BooTweak Full” folder.

Download the BooTweak here.

Installation instructions are in the pdf manual, which you can download here.


3 Responses to Free Download

  1. sameer says:

    hi ,
    downloading your free product ..any speculated pricing ??:)
    gald to know its finally out !
    will post feedback here and on VI forums

    thank you for letting us test ride this baby !!

    • bootweak says:

      Hi Sameer! Yes, it’s $64.95 for now — until I make 2 more kits for it, in which case the price will bump up to the usual $74.95. The BooTweak compatible instruments using 3rd party sample will be steadily growing, a great reason to pay and be a member.

  2. bootweak says:

    There’s been lots of downloads so far. Would love to hear some feedback or questions here!

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