My wish (and suggestion) for a file naming standard for drum sample libraries.

If the title of this post didn’t break the internet for you, read on, lol. If you’ve spent time with sample libraries, you may have noticed that when it comes to file naming conventions it’s pretty much a free for all, varying from library to library. A company will even sometimes use different formats in different libraries or even in one library itself. For manually browsing single hit samples it doesn’t really matter how the files are named, I guess.

The possible problem arises when you want to use the sample up/down selectors inside a program like Kontakt, a nifty feature that let’s you load in new samples while your track is playing. If you have an instrument loaded featuring many single hits that are next to each other in a sample folder, selecting new samples with the sample arrows doesn’t let you use/hear any samples that aren’t already in the loaded kit. I think the predominant school of thought (assuming there is thought) is to number samples at the end of the file name so that the files are clustered no matter what folder they might be put into.

What I do for file naming is something I’m dubbing the “BooTweak Interleave” format, lol (may not technically be a true “interleave” — close enough). It goes like this: type of sample (kick), file number (01), Manufacturer/Company (BooTweak), and finally Instrument/Kit name (Defend Kit). So the full sample name is “Kick_01_BooTweak_Defend Kit.” I’ve stored all of the BooTweak samples in category folders, so all 72 kicks are in one folder. This ends up interleaving the files from the 6 different kits, so when I use the arrows inside Kontakt to select different kick drums I will be hearing kicks from the other kits instead of the ones already loaded in the current kit. If I’m on the first kick sample in the kit, the “Kick_01…” sample, pressing the right arrow will take me through the other “Kick_01…” samples for the other 5 kits before arriving at “Kick_02…” of the current kick. So for each of the 12 kicks in a kit, selecting samples with the arrows will take you to different kicks in your main sample folder.

It’s just a little thing, I guess, but I tend to think about the little things, lol. so, the “BooTweak Interleave” format, who’s with me? 🙂

While we’re on the subject of file naming, if you’re just going to dump your numbered samples in a folder without much though, for the love of Zeus can everyone please put a zero in front of their 1-9 samples so they’re not the only samples interleaved in the folder? Thanks!

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Using Samples Trick #1

Kontakt frequently likes a little bit of the sample file past the orange sample end marker in the wave editor. If you’re experiencing clicks or odd artifacts at the end or release of a sample, it can usually be fixed by sliding the orange end sample marker to the left some. For tightly edited samples, you may need to look for a zero crossing somewhere near the end of the sample file to move the marker to. Messing with the sample speed, tuning and various envelopes etc. (all the time, in other words) can also introduce end of sample glitchery that is almost always fixed with this remedy.

The BooTweak Original Instruments have the sample markers in a good spot (for the most part, no 100% guarantees, lol), so this is mostly a tip when using 3rd party samples in a BooTweak instrument.

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Getting Started Tips

#1 When you open a project with a BooTweak instrument, the Pyramid Preset will always default back to 1, but the Kontakt parameters will be in their last state. To avoid confusion, select Preset #1 to sync up the parameters with the presets.

#2 If you are using a midi controller for navigation and parameter changes in BooTweak, after loading a new session press a couple of navigation and regular buttons on your controller to get the controller synced with the right midi information.

#3 If you’ve made a ghost octaves combination you like, or set up some group parameters in a way you’d like to keep, save the sub-presets! It stinks to have dialed in something cool and then recall a sub-preset or Pyramid Preset and lose what you’ve set up, trust me!

#4 The miscellaneous settings for BooTweak are found on the Main&Env/Misc page. If you’re using a midi controller turn R8 option OhSnap! on and experiment with the different knob snap settings and see how it affects knob twiddling for the supported parameters. Familiarize yourself with the mouse behavior settings and dial in your perfect preference. When you start recalling sub-presets or Pyramid Presets with clock sync, experiment with the SyncOffset setting to get the punchiest preset recall possible. And don’t forget to set the Sync Rate to your preferred setting when option R2 is turned on.

Feel free to ask me any questions here. I will also be setting up a forum for BooTweak at KVR.

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What is BooTweak?

BooTweak is a custom programmed…

…library of drum sounds (720 individually programmed hits spread across 6 kits, with 2 more kits for members before the year’s up).

…graphic interface for Kontakt 4 scripted to be completely controllable with a midi controller with as few as 8 endless encoders and 13 buttons. The automap style programming gives you access to well over 1000 individual parameters with never more than a few button pushes. No scrolling or drop down menus to be found, you don’t have to use your mouse or keyboard at all if you don’t feel like it.

…Kontakt uber-template for up to 8 groups per instrument. Each group in a BooTweak instrument comes with an identical array of insert fx: Saturator, Lo-Fi, 3 band eq, 3×2 filter, Stereo, Compressor, Send fx and Limiter. Each group also comes pre-configured with 6 modulators: 2 AHDSR envelopes, 2 DBD envelopes and 2 multi-mode LFOs.
These modulators have 16 pre-configured assignments, so you can instantly get down to tweaking filter, tuning, effects etc. settings.  There are also 14 external modulator assignments. A velocity value can affect up to 14 different parameters right out of the gate.  A full rack of instrument insert fx and send fx are also set up and programmed to work with the BooTweak interface and presets.  You can take your beats and samples from static to animate in no time at all, and  back to where they started with the press of a preset button.

…modular preset system, the most advanced of  it’s kind.  Any of the 32 preset buttons can recall just a handful or over a 1000 parameters with a single press, tempo-synced to your host clock if you want.

…creative environment without peer in the world of samplers.  Beyond the drum samples that come with BooTweak you can use the 8 groups to tweak loops chopped right inside Kontakt, long non-rhythmic samples, stems from tracks you’re working on — anything at all.

BooTweak can be as little or as much as you want it to be, it’s up to you.

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The New Recommended Method for Updating a Script in a BooTweak Instrument

It turns out that reloading a script from the dropdown presets menu in Kontakt erases all of the script-specific midi assignments in the automation pane, which for BooTweak are the 32 Pyramid Preset buttons.  To avoid having this happen when updating the BooTweak script in an instrument, follow this method instead.  The updated script will come as a text file, which you will put in the Users\…Kontakt 4\scripts folder.  In Kontakt, click the edit button on the BooTweak script view tab. On the Apply from dropdown menu, choose textfile, which will open up a long list which will have at the top any scripts you’ve put in your Users\…Kontakt 4\scripts folder.  Choose the updated BooTweak textfile you’ve put here.  Kontakt will process for a few moments, then click the apply button next to the green square.  When it’s done your script will be updated with midi assignments intact.

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32 pages of loveliness to swaddle your brain in all things BooTweak.  Download link on the right column.

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BooTweak Script Update 9/28/10

This little update adds some user-friendliness to the Bank navigation button.  Previously, the button read “Bank” when pointing to banks, pages, or preset options with the buttons on its’ right.  I’ve added some graphic files to change the button to read “Page” when pages are available to select on the right, or “Options” when the preset option buttons are visible on the right.  It’ll make it easier to sort out for those just getting started whether they are selecting banks or pages.

Replace the old “BooTweak Original Recipe Graphics” folder with the updated one to add the new button states.

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Roll the Tape…

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BooTweak, the Koolest Thing for Kontakt!

Here’s the last video I’m doing until BooTweak is released. I still have a lot of samples to create.
Vodpod videos no longer available.

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The “Patented Platinum Invisible Pyramid Preset System” — now with visibility! I can never figure out the right export options in Camtasia for the different video types I make, so BooTweak and I are slimmer in this video than we are in real life, hehe.
Vodpod videos no longer available.

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